Sunday, 5 May 2013

Sundays consist of trainers...

Different hairstyle for a change!

So happy I got my Cartier back from its service all shiny and new!
I did a bit of shopping today and treated myself to some goodies
Bronzer- YSL-here
Perfume- Boss Orange- here
Lipstick- Artdeco-here
Office shoes bargain- £10!!! 

Jacket- Topshop- OLD
Shirt Vintage shop
Leggings - Topshop- here
Trainers- Asics Gel Lyte Speed Eric Elms- Ebay
Watch- Cartier- here
Necklace- Topshop- Sale
Bag- Topshop but from Next2Nowt- here


So, again just a real quick one, this is finally a day time post of what I wore today! I told you I would put one up! So I really enjoy this look as you could actually completely transform it with a killer pair of heels. But, the trainers make it the complete opposite of that. Now, I am a bit of a trainer fanatic and have been since around this time last year! I'm not exactly into the whole Air Max 1 hype though. I like the rare trainers that not every tom dick and harry have from Footasylum and Foot Locker! Thats why unfortunately I cannot get you a link for these Asics Gel Lyte Speed Patta Eric Elms; but you can keep your eye out for them on eBay as some pop up now and again! This look is really a lot of items I have randomly pulled out of my wardrobe from a while back, so thats why there is a bit of a lack of links, bad times I know! Also good news guys I have lost a stone through detoxing and exercising... GO ME!

Thats all until around next Sunday... OH ALSO I am going to see Beyonce on Wednesday (those of you who aren't jealous or don't like her please re-evaluate your lives)



Sunday, 21 April 2013

World Wide Women...

Hello guys, apologies for the lack of posts i've been over the top busy and working so not many outfits to show you! 

So i've been detoxing and not been drinking and now have a personal trainer- yes I know I've gone mad!
So I also have a new job and been promoted in my first week,YAY me! Things are rather fantastic at the moment, so I decided to celebrate my successful week with a few drinks and new clothes this weekend!
I think I went a bit over the top with the drinking and started the weekend off with coming in very drunk and trying to grill a sweet potato! Also I left the contents of my handbag on the drive, terrible. 
So the outfit... its all from Topshop again its such a shame I know but I tried to find stuff from other places but there wasn't anything or the postage was unreasonable.
Top- here
Leggings- here
Shoes- here
Necklace- N/A 
I think that you can dress all of this up or down wear the leggings in the day with some trainers a t-shirt and a casual jacket. This top is a great fit and really good quality you can see on the Topshop site how good the reviews are! I'll post about some of my new buys soon. 
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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Rihanna River Island knotted shirt. There is nothing more to say.

So guys this is an outfit from this weekend. The shirt is just one of the buys from River Island this week, I sort of went a bit mad with the online shopping! Easily done when you stay in on a Saturday night. I still don't think these pictures give the shirt enough justice, i'll try to explain... this is part of the Rihanna collection in River Island- which I LOVE! A lot of its a bit skimpy for me so I was a little limited to what I could buy. But, I was extremely fond of it all! Anyway, the shirt... its a silky material which is short at the front the long at the back with a knot in the material, you can't quite see it properly in the pictures though. I then teamed this shirt with a bright coral/red skirt from Topshop which I am surprised about how much it worked really. I definitely think it would look good with some disco leggings and boots or a pair of skin tight ripped skinnys, as this shirt is elegant but has a grunge feel and I think thats why I ended up putting these hiking-type boots with it, instead of stilettos; which would still work but I do think this adds edge to the look.  I have some accessories on with this look which are new, finally I know something a bit different to my same old add ons. You can see these in more detail on the close up picture of my shirt, the scaffolding bangle is my favourite on the left hand wrist! You can also have a look at my nails which sort of work well with the brights in the look I think.
Where can you buy these... here:

Shirt- £45- River Island
Skirt- £20-Topshop
Boots- £90£40-Topshop/ Next2Nowt

Thanks for having a look I am getting a few more days off soon, so I promise I will post some more day photos!



Thursday, 28 February 2013

The 1-500 Club, a new student only website!

This post contains fashion and a bit about what I get up to at work; I thought as most of my viewers will more than likely be in the same demographic as the students. The 1-500 Club is a student only website and we are currently just working with Uclan in Preston but should be moving national this year!

The site provides the students with a one stop platform for all their needs such as, jobs these things seem like gold dust nowdays, local deals when your trying to save your pennies on your favourite things, accommodation to make the big move that little bit less stressful! We also have an events section so that you can keep updated on whats going on in your city! The site provides some addictive entertainment in the games section, all you have to do if your at UCLAN is sign up and get taking advantage of the local deals and entertainment on the site!

There is a sneak preview of what looks like follow the link to get a feel for what we can do for you!

As an account manager at The 1-500 Club my job is to get the businesses on board for you as students to take advantage of, so if you know someone who wants to benefit from a 40,000 hit revenue stream get in touch and if you are referring someone and they sign up you receive £10!

So last night the club had an event night for the students at Revolution in Preston and it had a great turn out with some great people! So the pictures below are what I wore for the event, I hope you like it and yes THE "blue jacket" is in here again but, its not all Topshop for a change (shock I know). But for this outfit it was completely last minute, and my view on the items out on the high street at the moment I feel isn't great! Shops need to up their game.




So these are the flicks from last night I had a great time got silly drunk and had work the next day -_-. Also got new nails which I hope you all like I thought you would all enjoy the fact that I got that blue to match the infamous jacket, with a random yellow nail, I don't know why either.
I also got my eyebrows darkened which you can see a bit in the "eye" photo I used the Urban Decay naked pallet and the urban decay eye liner its all great stuff!

You can get the dress for £35 here
The shoes are from Zara for £10 but you can get them anymore :( sorry. 
Jacket guess? here
Bag -Primark a while back similar here

I hope you enjoyed this slightly different post and if you want to pass any details on or ask anything more about what I do email me on 

lots of love, it would be great to hear some feedback!



Friday, 22 February 2013

High street fashion for Primark prices... Never? Next2Nowt is where its at.

Hello my blogging viewers I am writing to tell you about some amazing website I know you will all love!

I have used Next2Nowt  and their hidden shops for years now saving me lots and lots of money, this place is the secret to looking great with the latest styles for a tiny price. I seriously don't know what more you could want from an online retailer with reliable postage and quality products!

I have put together a couple of outfits from clothes which are available on the site and the links are below!

1)Buy it here... - £14 RRP: £36
2)Buy it here...  -£16 RRP: £32
3)Buy it here...  -£30 RRP: £75
4)Buy it here... -£20 RRP: £36

I really like this one as it is something I would wear on a night out with some chunky chains thick tights and red lipstick, a big bun and matching red nails!

This is a more dressy outfit for a formal event, maybe a meal. I love this playsuit and have seen it in Topshop at a ridiculous price but you can get it here for £20, saving you £45!!! I teamed it with a studded clutch, that would go with plenty of your other items and make sure you wear it with some gold jewellery. To be honest this bag would probably be better swapped with the one above! So you can mix and match. The heels are nice and chunky to add some texture to the look! This would look luscious with curls metallic nails and a hint of eyeshadow!

1)Get it here...-£20 RRP: £65
2)Get it here...-£15 RRP: £30
3)Get it here...-£30 RRP: £55

This is my third outfit which personally is a bit out there and sorry that pretty much all of these looks are formal and look as if you can only wear them on a night out! I'll change it up next time! Now this isn't something I would usually go for but I think it works right?

1) Get it here...- £14 RRP: £35
2) Get it here...- £26 RRP: £60
3) Get it here... -£12 RRP: £25
4)  Get it here...-£30 RRP: £60

WELL! I could spend all day putting these outfits together but i'll leave the rest up to you there is a link on the right hand side in the corner to the website as well as all the links I have put above!

Night my beautiful and intelligent viewers, spread the word and get buying before they all go!


Monday, 18 February 2013

If you can't be better than the competition just dress better than them.

Ok so, I think it's clear that i'm starting to get a bit obsessed with this mirror effect.
Dress- Topshop- here
Jacket- Topshop- here
Boots- Topshop- here
Jewellery- here & here, all the rest is old or sale :D 

The ring i've got on here is amazing and from Primark

A few scenic and not so scenic pictures (tequila), I think these three images above capture Newcastle perfectly.

This outfit here is from the first night and I think its becoming clear that I like this blue jacket, but becoming even more clearer how adaptable this is!!

The link for this is at the top but if you are wanting to get hold of the leggings here

Also you can grab my amazing shoes which look like this here, I actually love these!

The shirt is similar here which may I add goes with everything!

P.S I know  that all my stuff is from Topshop at the moment I promise i'll try and switch it up, it's even starting to piss me off!

This week has really annoyed me seeing everyone at LFW and me not being there, its really stressing me out and I am most definitely going to have sort something out about going next year I can't be doing with it all again!

Stressing aside as you can see this blog is more about my weekend and the nights out I had, which I must add where rather strange! There where naked men on bars doing that Harlem Shake thing, which i'm still a bit behind on! Feel free to comment and explain where it has come from and the logic behind it, cause if its just crazy dancing then I must have invented it!

As you might have gathered if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter etc I went to Newcastle this weekend and finally got a weekend off, SHOCK! I also have the next few weekends off so i'm sure all my new purchases are going to be blogged about! 

comment and follow me I would really appreciate it!

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Thursday, 14 February 2013

I Need to stop spending...Or some form of mental shopping help!

Well, all I can do is apologise for the lack of posts on here but I think its due to the lack of excitement in my life or time to do photos!

These past few weeks have just consisted of WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK! So, I am ridiculously excited to catch a break this weekend and go and party like a student in Newcastle.

Some other good news though, i'm going to IBIZA and staying in the jet apartments on Bora Bora beach I literally cannot wait and should stop spending to keep the money for my holiday! Wahhh!

The pictures i've posted below are just a few of this weeks buys i've literally spent hundreds on shoes, dresses, jackets, jewellery, accessories and leggings. Which I am going to gradually post about as I am in love with some of my new bargains and want to show them off to you all, and let me just say Primark is doing well this season.

Also there is meant to be some bangles on these pictures which I bought in the sale but due to getting too merry on Saturday night I seemed to have "misplaced them" hmm... this confuses me also moral of the story buy bigger bangles which stand out more!

Excuse the short but sweet post, please post some comments on what you think and i'll always reply and check your blog out, I pinkie promise i'll keep you updated with the purchases!

Love you all,

Sylviahay §±

Jacket is from Topshop, £40 get it here
Polar neck dress, Primark- £10
Belt Topshop- Old
Scarf H&M, £6.99 get it here
Necklace- H&M- £7.99 similar here
Earrings- H&M get it here

yes I do look slightly psycho here! 

This scarf is possibly the best pickup i've had from h&m also the most adaptable!

 These would be my second pair of shoes bought this week! I think I could have a problem coming along! You can get them here


YES! Can you believe this pink jacket is from Primark, also comes in black is fantastic to dress anything up! It was also only £19 and is really well made, yes I did put Primark and well made in the same sentence!