Friday, 22 February 2013

High street fashion for Primark prices... Never? Next2Nowt is where its at.

Hello my blogging viewers I am writing to tell you about some amazing website I know you will all love!

I have used Next2Nowt  and their hidden shops for years now saving me lots and lots of money, this place is the secret to looking great with the latest styles for a tiny price. I seriously don't know what more you could want from an online retailer with reliable postage and quality products!

I have put together a couple of outfits from clothes which are available on the site and the links are below!

1)Buy it here... - £14 RRP: £36
2)Buy it here...  -£16 RRP: £32
3)Buy it here...  -£30 RRP: £75
4)Buy it here... -£20 RRP: £36

I really like this one as it is something I would wear on a night out with some chunky chains thick tights and red lipstick, a big bun and matching red nails!

This is a more dressy outfit for a formal event, maybe a meal. I love this playsuit and have seen it in Topshop at a ridiculous price but you can get it here for £20, saving you £45!!! I teamed it with a studded clutch, that would go with plenty of your other items and make sure you wear it with some gold jewellery. To be honest this bag would probably be better swapped with the one above! So you can mix and match. The heels are nice and chunky to add some texture to the look! This would look luscious with curls metallic nails and a hint of eyeshadow!

1)Get it here...-£20 RRP: £65
2)Get it here...-£15 RRP: £30
3)Get it here...-£30 RRP: £55

This is my third outfit which personally is a bit out there and sorry that pretty much all of these looks are formal and look as if you can only wear them on a night out! I'll change it up next time! Now this isn't something I would usually go for but I think it works right?

1) Get it here...- £14 RRP: £35
2) Get it here...- £26 RRP: £60
3) Get it here... -£12 RRP: £25
4)  Get it here...-£30 RRP: £60

WELL! I could spend all day putting these outfits together but i'll leave the rest up to you there is a link on the right hand side in the corner to the website as well as all the links I have put above!

Night my beautiful and intelligent viewers, spread the word and get buying before they all go!


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