Thursday, 28 February 2013

The 1-500 Club, a new student only website!

This post contains fashion and a bit about what I get up to at work; I thought as most of my viewers will more than likely be in the same demographic as the students. The 1-500 Club is a student only website and we are currently just working with Uclan in Preston but should be moving national this year!

The site provides the students with a one stop platform for all their needs such as, jobs these things seem like gold dust nowdays, local deals when your trying to save your pennies on your favourite things, accommodation to make the big move that little bit less stressful! We also have an events section so that you can keep updated on whats going on in your city! The site provides some addictive entertainment in the games section, all you have to do if your at UCLAN is sign up and get taking advantage of the local deals and entertainment on the site!

There is a sneak preview of what looks like follow the link to get a feel for what we can do for you!

As an account manager at The 1-500 Club my job is to get the businesses on board for you as students to take advantage of, so if you know someone who wants to benefit from a 40,000 hit revenue stream get in touch and if you are referring someone and they sign up you receive £10!

So last night the club had an event night for the students at Revolution in Preston and it had a great turn out with some great people! So the pictures below are what I wore for the event, I hope you like it and yes THE "blue jacket" is in here again but, its not all Topshop for a change (shock I know). But for this outfit it was completely last minute, and my view on the items out on the high street at the moment I feel isn't great! Shops need to up their game.




So these are the flicks from last night I had a great time got silly drunk and had work the next day -_-. Also got new nails which I hope you all like I thought you would all enjoy the fact that I got that blue to match the infamous jacket, with a random yellow nail, I don't know why either.
I also got my eyebrows darkened which you can see a bit in the "eye" photo I used the Urban Decay naked pallet and the urban decay eye liner its all great stuff!

You can get the dress for £35 here
The shoes are from Zara for £10 but you can get them anymore :( sorry. 
Jacket guess? here
Bag -Primark a while back similar here

I hope you enjoyed this slightly different post and if you want to pass any details on or ask anything more about what I do email me on 

lots of love, it would be great to hear some feedback!




  1. The dress is look great!xx