Sunday, 5 May 2013

Sundays consist of trainers...

Different hairstyle for a change!

So happy I got my Cartier back from its service all shiny and new!
I did a bit of shopping today and treated myself to some goodies
Bronzer- YSL-here
Perfume- Boss Orange- here
Lipstick- Artdeco-here
Office shoes bargain- £10!!! 

Jacket- Topshop- OLD
Shirt Vintage shop
Leggings - Topshop- here
Trainers- Asics Gel Lyte Speed Eric Elms- Ebay
Watch- Cartier- here
Necklace- Topshop- Sale
Bag- Topshop but from Next2Nowt- here


So, again just a real quick one, this is finally a day time post of what I wore today! I told you I would put one up! So I really enjoy this look as you could actually completely transform it with a killer pair of heels. But, the trainers make it the complete opposite of that. Now, I am a bit of a trainer fanatic and have been since around this time last year! I'm not exactly into the whole Air Max 1 hype though. I like the rare trainers that not every tom dick and harry have from Footasylum and Foot Locker! Thats why unfortunately I cannot get you a link for these Asics Gel Lyte Speed Patta Eric Elms; but you can keep your eye out for them on eBay as some pop up now and again! This look is really a lot of items I have randomly pulled out of my wardrobe from a while back, so thats why there is a bit of a lack of links, bad times I know! Also good news guys I have lost a stone through detoxing and exercising... GO ME!

Thats all until around next Sunday... OH ALSO I am going to see Beyonce on Wednesday (those of you who aren't jealous or don't like her please re-evaluate your lives)



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