Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Rihanna River Island knotted shirt. There is nothing more to say.

So guys this is an outfit from this weekend. The shirt is just one of the buys from River Island this week, I sort of went a bit mad with the online shopping! Easily done when you stay in on a Saturday night. I still don't think these pictures give the shirt enough justice, i'll try to explain... this is part of the Rihanna collection in River Island- which I LOVE! A lot of its a bit skimpy for me so I was a little limited to what I could buy. But, I was extremely fond of it all! Anyway, the shirt... its a silky material which is short at the front the long at the back with a knot in the material, you can't quite see it properly in the pictures though. I then teamed this shirt with a bright coral/red skirt from Topshop which I am surprised about how much it worked really. I definitely think it would look good with some disco leggings and boots or a pair of skin tight ripped skinnys, as this shirt is elegant but has a grunge feel and I think thats why I ended up putting these hiking-type boots with it, instead of stilettos; which would still work but I do think this adds edge to the look.  I have some accessories on with this look which are new, finally I know something a bit different to my same old add ons. You can see these in more detail on the close up picture of my shirt, the scaffolding bangle is my favourite on the left hand wrist! You can also have a look at my nails which sort of work well with the brights in the look I think.
Where can you buy these... here:

Shirt- £45- River Island
Skirt- £20-Topshop
Boots- £90£40-Topshop/ Next2Nowt

Thanks for having a look I am getting a few more days off soon, so I promise I will post some more day photos!



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  1. I'm in to black and white with a pop of orange,love love love how you styled this hunx