Sunday, 21 April 2013

World Wide Women...

Hello guys, apologies for the lack of posts i've been over the top busy and working so not many outfits to show you! 

So i've been detoxing and not been drinking and now have a personal trainer- yes I know I've gone mad!
So I also have a new job and been promoted in my first week,YAY me! Things are rather fantastic at the moment, so I decided to celebrate my successful week with a few drinks and new clothes this weekend!
I think I went a bit over the top with the drinking and started the weekend off with coming in very drunk and trying to grill a sweet potato! Also I left the contents of my handbag on the drive, terrible. 
So the outfit... its all from Topshop again its such a shame I know but I tried to find stuff from other places but there wasn't anything or the postage was unreasonable.
Top- here
Leggings- here
Shoes- here
Necklace- N/A 
I think that you can dress all of this up or down wear the leggings in the day with some trainers a t-shirt and a casual jacket. This top is a great fit and really good quality you can see on the Topshop site how good the reviews are! I'll post about some of my new buys soon. 
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