Monday, 18 February 2013

If you can't be better than the competition just dress better than them.

Ok so, I think it's clear that i'm starting to get a bit obsessed with this mirror effect.
Dress- Topshop- here
Jacket- Topshop- here
Boots- Topshop- here
Jewellery- here & here, all the rest is old or sale :D 

The ring i've got on here is amazing and from Primark

A few scenic and not so scenic pictures (tequila), I think these three images above capture Newcastle perfectly.

This outfit here is from the first night and I think its becoming clear that I like this blue jacket, but becoming even more clearer how adaptable this is!!

The link for this is at the top but if you are wanting to get hold of the leggings here

Also you can grab my amazing shoes which look like this here, I actually love these!

The shirt is similar here which may I add goes with everything!

P.S I know  that all my stuff is from Topshop at the moment I promise i'll try and switch it up, it's even starting to piss me off!

This week has really annoyed me seeing everyone at LFW and me not being there, its really stressing me out and I am most definitely going to have sort something out about going next year I can't be doing with it all again!

Stressing aside as you can see this blog is more about my weekend and the nights out I had, which I must add where rather strange! There where naked men on bars doing that Harlem Shake thing, which i'm still a bit behind on! Feel free to comment and explain where it has come from and the logic behind it, cause if its just crazy dancing then I must have invented it!

As you might have gathered if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter etc I went to Newcastle this weekend and finally got a weekend off, SHOCK! I also have the next few weekends off so i'm sure all my new purchases are going to be blogged about! 

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