Monday, 7 January 2013

Ladies who dine.

Dining out three times in a week?

I have been out for three meals this week, which I would say is pretty damn good. The first one I went to was at Grill on the Alley in yes again, Manchester! This place is part of the Blackhouse group, they have lots of different names restaurants across the UK and serve up the best of foods, I would work there just to have it everyday (slight exaggeration). I was really annoyed I didn't get chance to photo this outfit but you know what its like when your rushing! I've posted a few pictures of the night below, if you are interested I wore a velvet dungarees from Topshop also was the rest, with my trusty white blouse, tights and my fabulous heels! Get it all herehere & here!
Me and my mother!
You can see part of my outfit, (not useful at all)
I ended up having chateaubriand which I shared with my Dad, the only way to explain it is; it was like swallowing velvet meat.

MEAL 2: 

For my second outing, I went to a local restaurant in my area called Duk Pond its a tapas place. Unfortunately I wouldn't say that this lived up to the reviews I heard, but it could just be me! The main thing I didn't like was the fact I ordered Calamari but it arrived not deep fried, then surely thats no calamari? I've gone on about this an real unhealthy amount! So personally that tapas didn't do it for me!

 This outfit contains:
My new leggings from yes you guessed it Topshop- £28- here
The blouse is also from Topshop which was in my other post as well- £36- Topshop-here
The leather jacket is a big favourite bargain - £65- Urban Outfitters- similar here
Necklace- £7.50- Topshop- matching earrings
Wedges - £10 (bargain sale)- H&M- here

I went out for a family meal to Nunzio's and it was amazing the occasion was my uncles 50th, I had bruschetta for my starter and then cannelloni for my main, I love, love, loved it! No pictures from this event though  but the outfit was rather different, I will post about it sometime soon! 

Please comment on what you think about my new blog I want your opinions but not too brutal, also I am looking for blogs to follow so pop your link below and i'll check it out :D.

Peace out brotha. 


Topshop from shoulders to ankles.

Howdy, this is my FIRST ever blog after being inspired by the best. I thought that this would be a fantastic way of sharing my outfits from day to night! 
Excuse the unprofessional image, i'm a bit of an amateur.Hat- H&M- £7.99-here
Jacket- Topshop-£80-N/A
Blouse-Topshop-£36- Similar here
Belt- Primark-£2.50- Similar here
Leggings- Topshop/ebay-£8- Similar here
Boots- Miss Selfridge- £45- Similar (& nicer) here

About this outfit:

I have a really big fetish of going to Trafford Centre  and Manchester as I have a lot of love for the city, and this is the outfit I wore this week for a few hours of retail therapy.

The jacket is one of my most favourite finds and I will most definitely wear it out until there are holes in it! It sort of reminds me of an older woman's shawl that maybe a sophisticated woman would wear over a bikini at premium beach bar, definitely not me, and unfortunately as there aren't any premium beach bars in Preston to wear this over a bikini with a straw hat, I had to stick it with a black hat shirt leggings and boots in the rain. 

I was worried when I took the financial plunge when spending £80 on a light non thermal jacket as it doesn't look like it would go with much however, the print surprisingly works really well with a lot of things. 

I have teamed it with some snake print velvet part leggings (yes! print on print who'd have thought?!) and for the top its a really good basic blouse also from Topshop it's long to cover your bum, as there's nothing worse than wearing thin leggings with your bootay out! Fashion rule numero uno! Something else which this really was a plus for me and my figure was the great fit over the bust and shoulders. 

My hat which I am basically attached to 24/7 is from H&M at a bargain price of £10! It looks fab for when you're going out at night if you can prevent people from stealing it, or just in the day to add some edge to your look! 

These boots are from Miss Selfridge they are about a year old now but you can pick many similar ones up from high street stores they are really easily replicated, but a real good staple boot, that gives you height when wearing something long like this jacket which can drown you at times. Definitely the best way to convert your look from day to night!

I found that this was a real feel good outfit for a bit of mid-week shopping which wasn't too hot for a shopping centre.

So thats my Trafford Centre look this week and my first but hopefully not my last blog completed! I hope you enjoyed it and spread the word. 

SylviaHay §±