Thursday, 14 February 2013

I Need to stop spending...Or some form of mental shopping help!

Well, all I can do is apologise for the lack of posts on here but I think its due to the lack of excitement in my life or time to do photos!

These past few weeks have just consisted of WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK! So, I am ridiculously excited to catch a break this weekend and go and party like a student in Newcastle.

Some other good news though, i'm going to IBIZA and staying in the jet apartments on Bora Bora beach I literally cannot wait and should stop spending to keep the money for my holiday! Wahhh!

The pictures i've posted below are just a few of this weeks buys i've literally spent hundreds on shoes, dresses, jackets, jewellery, accessories and leggings. Which I am going to gradually post about as I am in love with some of my new bargains and want to show them off to you all, and let me just say Primark is doing well this season.

Also there is meant to be some bangles on these pictures which I bought in the sale but due to getting too merry on Saturday night I seemed to have "misplaced them" hmm... this confuses me also moral of the story buy bigger bangles which stand out more!

Excuse the short but sweet post, please post some comments on what you think and i'll always reply and check your blog out, I pinkie promise i'll keep you updated with the purchases!

Love you all,

Sylviahay §±

Jacket is from Topshop, £40 get it here
Polar neck dress, Primark- £10
Belt Topshop- Old
Scarf H&M, £6.99 get it here
Necklace- H&M- £7.99 similar here
Earrings- H&M get it here

yes I do look slightly psycho here! 

This scarf is possibly the best pickup i've had from h&m also the most adaptable!

 These would be my second pair of shoes bought this week! I think I could have a problem coming along! You can get them here


YES! Can you believe this pink jacket is from Primark, also comes in black is fantastic to dress anything up! It was also only £19 and is really well made, yes I did put Primark and well made in the same sentence!

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