Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Girl, where has half of your skirt gone?

Sarah Millican. 

This week has been real good even better than last week. I'm now working two jobs (no i'm not working the streets) My new one is more of a project and experience thing to see where it goes and I am going to do a post about it soon to see if you could benefit from it!
My weekend however was quite backwards as I chilled out Friday and Saturday but then got drunk on the Sunday! (Sunday Funday)

I went to see the hilarious Sarah Millican on the Sunday evening and I am telling you she was abs achingly funny. I've never heard her before and I am already addicted watching her on TV and looking for the next show she's doing. It was at my Local Frog and Bucket so it was really personal and dead relaxed, also what made it even better was the fact it was totally last minuet. As you may know the nights which aren't planned are more than likely the best ones.

This outfit is one of my faves ever! It's all from H&M as well, and i'm telling you they have really upped their game! This is all out of the Trend section I think, and they only have it available in the big city stores which is probably best for me as I would be real broke otherwise.

I felt that this has a bit of the retro look which isn't always something I go for but i just couldn't leave this skirt and shirt behind. I had a massive outfit vision and had to have it! (i'm sure you totally understand)

Have a look below at my snaps and drop a comment with your thoughts!

My leg isn't actually this long!
Shirt H&M- £14.99 here
Skirt H&M- £29.99, sorry no link not available on the site.
Tights- Primark - £2.50
Shoes (i know i wear them a lot) Topshop £85- here


Grow hair, grow hair, GROW.
Tip: here (this stuff is amazing)
I'm so sorry that there aren't any links for me to give you to these items as they aren't on the H&M website :(. However, I can give you a link to their favourite section on their site which is what I mentioned before "Trend" but when you go into their store be sure to have a look!


Well guys I hope you are enjoying my blog I love the feedback and checking out all your blogs and following you!




  1. you look so gorgeous and cheery, and lovely shoes! =)

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  2. You look gorgeous, love the shoes!