Wednesday, 16 January 2013

A night in the local always ends in a night in town...

"Buzza, buzzing yeah"
Well, this weekend has been pretty darn good to be honest, proper smiles all round! As you can tell by the title, i'm sure you've all experienced this "its only meant to be couple of drinks" and you end up in town pissed till 3am and a 9 o'clock start the next day! Being young hey? Well, I managed get a good few snaps of my outfit before I went out which I think is quite rare! So you can see the pics from the night below, there are quite a few and I got really carried away! (excuse the silly faces i'm aware i'm not a model) haha you can have a good laugh just like I did!

This is an outfit i'd totally forgotten about and wore a while back to go shopping!
The jumper unfortunately is pretty old and its from Topshop but i totally love it you can get a similar one Here for £17.99!!
The skirt is from Urban Outfitters in the sale from Newcastle and I don't think you can get this anymore either! hahaha, I have found a similar and probably nicer one also CHEAP one here Here
My shoes however, these are just ridiculously my favourite going out heel, it took a lot for me to spend this on town shoes but i'm SO glad I did. They literally go with everything you can get them here

In terms of the jacket below thats from Zara, this was a really good buy from when I went to Scotland shopping, (Definitely recommend a shopping trip there). This was £65 but it is a dead small fit so I had to get bigger than usual! I have found the alternative colour here this one ran out a week after I bought here.

The tights if you need some real good ones they are the Primark body shapers I really rate these for £2.50 as they last FORVER and keep their sheen look, also pinch in your lumps and bumps. Also they have a detail at the top which you aren't meant to show but sometimes it looks like the detail of the tights, this might just be me thought haha.

The necklace is from Topshop in the sale, which I don't think you can get now either probably in store though, and for cheaper!


Now the handbag is a mixture of two things its off a website I use which has all sorts of Topshop things on for cheaper a bit like eBay! You'll really enjoy it,  here! Also the furry ferret thing was off another bag I have all my friends take the piss for it though! 

Sooooo kiddos now you can see I do own other items other than Topshop, you also know i'm shocking at posing and I suffer from demon eyes! But seriously Check out its AMAZING!

Also shout out to all the people who have been supporting and commenting I REALLY appreciate it! (kisses).




  1. You look gorgeous, love both outfits, especially the shoes!


    1. Thank you! I'll check out your blog :D


  2. Love your jacket, lovely outfit :) also just had a quick browse at that website, so cheap!


    1. I know its amazing i'm always having a right good look at it haha!
      Best way.


  3. This whole outfit is just kickass! I wish I could pull something like this off.
    Jillian -

    1. Sure sure you can! Thanks, ill check your blog! Xxx